Who is Agnes Yi exactly

Well, I'm just an ordinary woman who fell in love with fashion, art and photography.
Living in the middle of Indonesian fashion world makes me want to share every experience that i've been through, besides, i really love to share my thoughts and my work and i hope you guys enjoy what i write.

Why "Sassy Bunny" 

When it comes to describing my personality, i'd like to put it that way.
I might appear to be a sweet person to some people and weak and so naive and clumsy (indeed), but i got sass.
At leisure times i got so crazy and friendly and fun, but when it comes to serious matter i will get all fierce and sassy.
That why i name my blog "Sassy Bunny", it just represent my personality in general.

 What is the blog about

The blog is about my life in daily basis, from what makes me interested, to my daily fashion and make-up look, my hair-experiment crazies, my friends and anything comes in my mind at the time.
I used my own photograph in every pictures, and post about random photography experiments too.

Who is taking the photographs for this blog

Mostly myself, since i try to give all and i love taking photo too, but of course for picture of myself i need to ask a friend or someone else or a tripod. But mostly i take it on my own from clicking the camera to editing, etc.

What camera do you use

Mostly i use my Canon EOS 6D but several times i also use my Sony A6000 mirrorless compact camera, just depends on the situation and occasion.

What my actual job is

I am a proud full time mom of two daughters named Kesha and Kiara, and also a designer's assistant for a local designer named Bramanta Wijaya who specialized in bridal and evening gown that i've been work with since 2014 which based in Semarang and Jakarta.
I also do portrait and fashion photography.

Why I love to change hair color so much

I start to dye my hair blonde on 2013, and continue to fell in love on experimenting with them since then. I go lighter and lighter until my hair reach the color of pale-yellow-almost-white and fill it in with so many pastel colors over and over again every time they got faded, i just couldn't resist to try a new shade.
So far, my favorite hair color is silver, pale turquoise, pale blue and white (it is such a pain in the ass to reach this color).

reach me on Ask.fm to get to know me better!

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