Sunday, June 11, 2017

Obermain: Paragon Mall Store Re-Opening

As one of the leading footwear brand from Germany since 1888, Obermain always put the convenience for its users. Not only through features that give priority to the comfort of each product, but the convenience in shopping is also greatly noticed by this brand of shoes.

In the summer of 2017 this time, Obermain relocated and reopened one of its outlets located at Paragon Mall Semarang, which previously opened in September 2016 ago. The relocation and reopening of the Obermain outlet is one of Obermain's sense of concern for its customers, to create and provide a new atmosphere, and to get a better shopping experience for its customers. In addition, Obermain wants to introduce and reach many new customers by reopening its stores located at Ground Floor, Paragon Mall Semarang.

Along with the reopening of the outlet at Paragon Mall Semarang, Obermain also introduced two features on each product, while the features are 5 Zones and Sapatoterapia.

5 Zones
Every human foot has reflection points that are actually good for the health of the feet, and for the whole human body. Obermain sees the issue as one of the concentrations to add this feature to the product, where in the insole there are 5 points of reflection that serves to smooth blood circulation, muscle relaxation, smoothen the foot area, and improve the coordination of the nervous system. 5 zones features can be found in the Obermain for women products, which are made of leather with a simple yet elegant design, products with 5 zones feature is being sold at prices ranging from IDR 1.299.000, - up to IDR 1,599,000, -

Sapatoterapia means "shoe therapy", where every Obermain product that has the Sapatoterapia logo will provide therapy for each user. The feature of Sapaptoterapia is for every male product, where each sole of Sapatoterapia's shoes has a very flexible design that makes its users very comfortable while wearing it. The insole of this Sapatoterapia shoe uses High Density PU foam is very soft at the time of use, while for its outsole, Sapatoterapia shoes are anti-slip shoes, very safe and comfortable to use. These shoes are made of soft Natural Leather and there is a system of air circulation that makes the feet always feel cool when using it. Sapatoterapia products are sold at prices ranging from IDR 2.299.000, - up to IDR 2.599.000, -

In addition to shoes, Obermain Paragon Mall Semarang also offers some other products such as handbags for men and women, as well as small leather goods collection with a very elegant design and made of quality leather material. Every bag product and small leather goods from Obermain are sold with prices ranging from IDR 399.000, - up to IDR 1,999,000, -.

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  1. I’m glad the brand focuses on comfort and design. The shoes look very high quality to me, hence worth the high price tag. Thanks for posting about the re-opening.