Tuesday, January 31, 2017


It's been a while since i'm looking for a good wireless earphone.
To be honest guys, i'm quite picky.
First of all i love fashion, and black things, so the first thing that matter is look! 
Yup, i have to fall in love with the cover first when i'm about to buy a book.
I'm one of the "judge by the cover" kinda girl.
Appearance is everything.

Second of all, of course the sound quality.
I love music, and i can't live without it just for a day, wait, a minute even!
Since i'd been a headphones importer for a few years so i kinda have my own standard when it comes to sound quality.
So this is my review for y'all my loves who struggling finding a best company for your daily music life.

1. Simple, fashionable look even the pouch is super cute!
2. It comes with a clip to keep your earphone safely settle on your collar/neck.
3. Studio quality sound, full and clear.
4. Earplug rubber choices to match your ear best.
5. Battery lasts up to 10 hours.
6. Built in play/pause & skip button.
7. Built in microphone.
8. Anti-tangle flat wire.
9. Suitable for acoustic songs and songs with less bass.
10. Easy to connect with auto pair.

1. The wire is a bit stiff.
2. Pouch somehow isn't big enough, so i have to roll the wire carefully to fit in.
3. Not quite a super bass-boosting kinda earphone, so for you who love em bassy, its not quite a mate for you.
4. A bit pricey.

If you're a dory and as clumsy as i am, then its a good piece for you, because its a "wired" "wireless earphone" so you can have it dangling on your neck without feeling scared of losing it unlike "plug-in" wireless earphone. It has a decent sound quality, good in a scale of 8/10 but may not be suitable for a bass lover. For its price range i think its quite worth it when it comes to look, design, brand, and sound quality all together, but maybe not so worthy for those who's more into good deal and okey stuffs.


If you wanna buy your piece just like the one i have, go and click this link:

It comes in black, white, pink, and blue.
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Agnes Yi

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  1. Oh this is soo cool. I love the way you paired the dress pants with that cool top in women attire and the boy looks so handsome. Really like both looks.