Thursday, December 1, 2016

Bocorocco: Having a pillow under your feet?

These days we presented with so many Italian made shoes that prioritize comfort as their predominance. Competing with other brands, Bocorocco comes with unique concept that combining 9 layers in every shoe (called pillow concept) to reduce and stabilize the position of the feet. 
This concept is like using an airbag as foot protection, so it's basically protect our feet from the impact of jumping, running or any other activities that might injure our feet nor heel.
Instant comfort!

But wait, not just stopped there, Bocorocco offers so many shoes option for both man and woman for all occasions from daily sandals, flats, flip-flop, boots, party shoes, heels, wedges, platform sandals, and their newest collection including man sandals and wide fitting shoes for man.


Personally, i really love Karina heels in white color. It's Bocorocco signature design with 10cm heels that feels like flat shoes!
Seriously, i wear this shoes all day long WALKING from mall to mall and i don't feel sore at the end of the day (mind: blown).
Now, it's my favorite pair. So pardon me if i often seen using that shoes instead of any other shoes. LOL

Karina (The white one just like mine)

Bocorocco also offers a special discount only for this December 2016:
40% OFF for purchasing with BCA CC + 0% 12x installments
150.000,- IDR cashback for every purchase worth 2.500.000,- IDR

40% off? What?! Bocorocco NEVER give discounts before!
So what you waiting for??
Start shop now for your new favorite brand of shoes!
Well, end of year is always time for a non-stop party, so it's a perfect time to shop for comfy shoes.

Agnes Yi


  1. Oh my my!!!!! Shoes and on sale?! This is something major cool. Bocorocco is one of my favourites but something out of budget but not anymore

  2. All day we need to go many place,all are not near at our home. Some where we go there by walking. for more walking we need running shoes for flat feet.