Friday, November 11, 2016

Hush Puppies: The Cloud Walker

Walking on clouds, all day everyday is the tagline for newest collection from my personal favorite casual brand, Hush Puppies. Flexible, lightweight and comfortable athleisure, "Cloud Walker" provide comfort throughout the day.

In accordance with your active lifestyle, this footwear is designed for comfortable walking every day. Features a collection of color palette of black, pink, purple, dark blue, gray and taupe. Insoled with built-in 'Gel Heel Pad' serves as a shock absorber which reduces the impact on the heel. "Cloud Walker" is the harmonization concept in weight, flexibility and comfort, to give you joy every day with every step.


The outsole is made with EVA light and provide convenience at every step. Cloth in the insole and the lining provide sufficient ventilation in the daily running with full comfort. Flexibility, soft and comfortable cushioned footbed creates daily life like walking on a cloud. The material is lightweight, sporty curated and created form the top. "Cloud Walker" fits the foot like a sock, provide stability and support while on the move. Simple, and provides its own style.

For you guys who involved with a lot of walking in daily basis, and prefer comfort over heels, then this pair of pillows is your mate!

Agnes Yi

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Hush Puppies: The Fall 2016 Collection (Jakarta Fashion Week 2017)

This year marked 58 years of casual Hush Puppies. The Fall 2016 Hush Puppies collection introduces styles that appeal to the consumers’ desire for craftsmanship, comfort and style.  From the brand who invented casual, Hush Puppies’ everyday favorites will continue to feature easy-going styles modern men and women.  The brand continues to appeal to a young, active and urban consumer.  A new collection of sophisticated but casual boots and shoes combines unexpected comfort with elevated, elegant style.   This Fall/Winter 2016 bring the collections to life with vibrant imagery that showcases how Hush Puppies fits into all aspects of life. 

“Our mission for the season is to really connect to our consumer by giving them the best that Hush Puppies offers - superior comfort and style,” says Rini Tampi, Country Manager of Transmarco Indonesia.  “Our big #WhatsYourCasual campaign continues to embrace the casual of life, being with friends, seeking fun and unexpected adventures.  We believe that when you love what you wear, you can’t help but love how you feel.”

Bringing back the iconic 1958 collection, Hush Puppies grab people’s attention with high quality materials and attractive designs silhouette. “The 1958 Collection highlights the very best of Hush Puppies style,” added Herry Prasetya, Marketing Communication Manager of Hush Puppies Indonesia.  “We’ve introduced the brand to a new audience of modern consumers who want style but appreciate our heritage and intrinsic comfort. The designs and imagery bring the brand to life and keeps Hush Puppies relevant for today.”

Everyday Favorites - The Ease of Feel Good Fashion
    Hush Puppies’ everyday favorites collection builds on existing popular styles including the famous Chukka boots, Slip-on and original lace up shoes. For Fall/Winter 2016 additions include new fringe detail with contrast color with very fashionable cuts. 
Perfect combination of comfort and flexibility, this season Hush Puppies highlight on function, from day to night shoes. Featuring the Worry-Free Suede® and shock absorbing technology, Hush Puppies is the perfect companion for your modern active activity.
For Fall 2016 Hush Puppies showcases the best of Hush Puppies’ uncommon comfort and elevates the style factor in a small collection of boots and shoes for discerning men and women. The collection features tasteful details, luxurious materials and commitment to craftsmanship and timeless designs.