Friday, August 19, 2016

Obermain - The handmade leather specialist

Originated from West Germany since 1888, Obermain is pioneered in handmade leather moccasins, ‘Soft Calf Oxford’ and ever since became the trademark across Europe. With genuine leather finishing, comfortable construction and sleek design, Obermain truly embodies the sophistication of German technology at its best.

Obermain aspires the sophisticated and confident individual in their mid-20’s to late 40’s. Mid to high income professionals, with a deep appreciation for refined style, self-worth and character. It offers the essential needs from business to relaxed casual indulgence

The collection consists of four different lines with in-trend styles and cut for the modern urban male and female. There is Heritage, rustic leather, hand-stitched, durable, comfort and extended sizes. Classic, timeless, moderate, and everlasting. Charisma, bold & confident with unconventional contemporary semi dress and relax casual. Aristocrat (Men’s collection only), is elegant, sophisticated, wrapped in premium leather. Elusive craftsmanship tailored to perfection. 


On August 2016, Obermain is expanding the market to Semarang Paragon City Mall and open its 7th store. Located in the main area of first floor, Obermain will become the main fashion essential destination for modern male and female who live in Semarang and surrounding area. 

The concept of the store is the perfect combination between modern hue and classic simplicity. Creating soft and city glamour side ambiance as well as friendly ambiance. 

On the store opening day, Obermain invited the best socialites and business owners in Semarang, including Bramanta Wijaya (Fashion Designer), Ave Sanjaya (Fashion Designer), Rere Winter (Socialite), Dian Widiyanti (GM Marketing of PT Pollux Properties), and some other well-known people as the hosts. Obermain also presenting their collection to their customers in form of a mini fashion show taken place inside the store, all the way through the hall way of the Paragon Mall.

The new Obermain store will be the new shoe-lover destination for people. Complete with the wide range products of small leather goods and accessories with modern cut and style, Obermain is now the right choice for you.

And im sure Obermain will be one of my favorite genuine leather brand <3
So glad that i have the chance to be invited to the event and meeting these fabulous people in the industry.

Obermain Stores : 
Obermain Lippo Mall Puri, Obermain Taman Anggrek Mall, Obermain Pondok Indah Mall, Obermain Grand Metropolitan Mall Bekasi, Obermain Kalibata City Square, and Obermain Manado Town Square
Instagram : @ObermainID

Agnes Yi