Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Play Pastel with Batik

Who says batik can't be fun and modern?

I had the chance to custom made a batik outer wear for my baby girl graduation ceremony at her kindergarten, anyway, long story shortened, the mommies decided to go for a matching outfit with the kids so we were left with 2 pieces of batik fabrics and a homework to sew it into a clothes. LOL.

It was such a rush 'cause i forgot to go to a designer (clumsy me), thanks got my friend Sony Arian is a designer specialize in batik wear and he made this in just a few days! YAY!

Basically since i don't really wear "pretty" dresses that is too feminine i just come up with the idea of making an outer wear instead. I show him some references and voila! It comes up supa cute and i love love it!

  The idea was to make a Japanese kimono-like outer with a hints of batik and modernity.
Like you all know i always have a thing with Japanese and Korean kimono and hanbok. ^o^
I use a floral patterned pink batik and also a tiffany blue batik kawung fabric to make this kimono outer.
What do you think? Do you love this Javanese meet Japanese look as much as i do?

Kimono Outer: LetitB by Sony Arian
White Dress: Look Boutique Store 
Lettering Necklace: H&M
White Chunky Shoes: New Look 
Lip Bag: Color Box

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