Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Monochrome Urban Korean by Ira Anastasia

I'm so in love with Korean and Japanese look!
And today I'm posting about one of my favorite monochrome urban korean outfit by Ira Anastasia.
She's a local designer based in Semarang, who constantly produce amazing ready-to-wear collection you worth to buy in such affordable price.

 For what i wear in this post, is a set of Korean inspired look, consist of a grey long blouse, baggy pants and a navy colored outer.

What i like from this outfit is that it fills in with traditional Korean mood that is so obvious but also adapted into modern outfit, and it's really comfortable too (because it made of a cotton fabric which is undoubtedly comfy and also the loose cutting)

Outfit:  Ira Anastasia
Shoes: Charles 'n Keith
Bag: Coach 

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