Monday, June 6, 2016

A Color of Peacock!

It's been a while since my last blog post, i miss you guys so so bad..
Well, i've been so caught up with this and that, so i wasn't able to write in quite a while.
Anyway, finally i'm able to write something new in my blog..

As you guys know since i post it on my instagram that I'd change my hair color again (Wohoo!)
it's been 2 months since my last hair color with Lie Kuang Salon  and this new hair color is really excite me and i would LOVE to show you guys the complete photo of my hair color,
I hope it can inspire you in someways or maybe an option for you who wants to color your hair with some crazy color ^^

Excuse the messy hair braid (LOL)

Inspired by Peacock color tones, this time Lie Kuang Salon  give me strike of teal, blue and violet.
I feel so much like an anime character ^o^
What do you guys think?
Does this color suit me and which one you like better, this color or the silver one?



  1. Hei Agnes, that's a cool new hair colour you got... Btw, I really like your review / post here, I feel "enlightened" bout this lil'city SMG (well, I just move here), keep posting...

    1. Awwwee.. It's so nice of you.
      Welcome to Semarang! I hope you enjoy the city, specially the cheap street food! LOL