Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Play Pastel with Batik

Who says batik can't be fun and modern?

I had the chance to custom made a batik outer wear for my baby girl graduation ceremony at her kindergarten, anyway, long story shortened, the mommies decided to go for a matching outfit with the kids so we were left with 2 pieces of batik fabrics and a homework to sew it into a clothes. LOL.

It was such a rush 'cause i forgot to go to a designer (clumsy me), thanks got my friend Sony Arian is a designer specialize in batik wear and he made this in just a few days! YAY!

Basically since i don't really wear "pretty" dresses that is too feminine i just come up with the idea of making an outer wear instead. I show him some references and voila! It comes up supa cute and i love love it!

  The idea was to make a Japanese kimono-like outer with a hints of batik and modernity.
Like you all know i always have a thing with Japanese and Korean kimono and hanbok. ^o^
I use a floral patterned pink batik and also a tiffany blue batik kawung fabric to make this kimono outer.
What do you think? Do you love this Javanese meet Japanese look as much as i do?

Kimono Outer: LetitB by Sony Arian
White Dress: Look Boutique Store 
Lettering Necklace: H&M
White Chunky Shoes: New Look 
Lip Bag: Color Box

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Hush Puppies Store Grand Opening

Who doesn't know Hushpuppies?
The shoe brand that spelled as C.O.M.F.O.R.T is now opening their second store in Semarang!
But not another shoe store, now they're having their clothes store there.
Wohoo! Who's excited? I am!

After the success of its first outlet in Mall Paragon Semarang focuses on selling shoes, Hush Puppies now officially opened a new outlet in the same mall specifically to sell clothes that are located on the 1st floor unit 31-32. Hush Puppies Currently has 2 outlets in Paragon Mall and until now Hush Puppies has 60 outlets across Indonesia.

With a cute and cozy store concept, still with the casual yet so stylish goods Hush Puppies set the interior design and layout so cute and makes me super excited.
And since Hush Puppies already launch their bag and small leather goods collections (belt, wallet, etc.) 2 years ago, now we can shop it here in Semarang as well.


 Today at the grand opening of the store, Hush Puppies showcasing their newest Spring-Summer 2016 Collection through their 4 models dressing up in Hush Puppies from head to toe.

Coming up with Spring-Summer collections, Hush Puppies brings us the freshness and comfort altogether in a bright colored and pop themed design.
Casual and basic but come up with a twist.

Look at those cute summer fruit tee! Yum! 

Do they have promotions and discounts? Sure!
For this ramadhan event they have special discount for all Hush Puppies loyal customers, a 20% discount for a single purchase, 30% for 2 pcs, and 40% for 3 pcs.
This promotion is valid till 17 July, so don't wait up! Shop now!

Agnes Yi

Monochrome Urban Korean by Ira Anastasia

I'm so in love with Korean and Japanese look!
And today I'm posting about one of my favorite monochrome urban korean outfit by Ira Anastasia.
She's a local designer based in Semarang, who constantly produce amazing ready-to-wear collection you worth to buy in such affordable price.

 For what i wear in this post, is a set of Korean inspired look, consist of a grey long blouse, baggy pants and a navy colored outer.

What i like from this outfit is that it fills in with traditional Korean mood that is so obvious but also adapted into modern outfit, and it's really comfortable too (because it made of a cotton fabric which is undoubtedly comfy and also the loose cutting)

Outfit:  Ira Anastasia
Shoes: Charles 'n Keith
Bag: Coach 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

THE EXECUTIVE: Ramadhan Collection 2016

Talking about Indonesian culture in specific, we all know that ramadhan is the time for us Indonesians to spend our cash in new clothes right? ;)
And a right clothing choice is somewhat crucial to maximize your style in this special moment, that's why THE EXECUTIVE launch their brand new ramadhan collection for our exclusive choice of ramadhan look.
Let me introduce you guys to some of the collections they'd launch in this ramadhan collection 2016.

This collection offers a characteristic of simple cut and relaxed mood on the design. In addition, there is a wide selection of items such as high low tunic, dress with lace detail, outer, obi dress, up to palazzo pants. The motifs are outlined as print panels, paisley and will add a feminine ombre with additional shades of monochrome, silver, salmon, and navy.


In the men's collection, THE EXECUTIVE has the theme of Modern Contemporary and minimalist design lines. Clothing such as long sleeve shirt koko could be your choice with a variety of design details that poured like a stand-up collar shirt, cotton shirt with cut-outs, contrast fabric, until fagoting detail. Slim fit cutting and material selection of 100% cotton, polyester and cotton blend will keep you comfortable during exercise. This collection is dominated by a color palette of white, khaki, blue to black matching combined with slim fit and skinny pants to create a look that is contemporary and modern style.


After a successful collaboration with Restu Anggraini and Hannie Hananto in the Indonesia Fashion Week 2016, now a collection of such collaboration can be found in
THE EXECUTIVE specialty stores and counters in department stores.THE EXECUTIVE collaboration collection with Restu Anggraini with the theme of Workwear Refresh is adapting the edgy and preppy side but still stylish and elegant. A touch of natural colors such as taupe, gray, and white in this collection lends itself to being a choice collection of Hari Raya and wear to work everyday.

Hannie Hananto always steal the attention of the audience of fashion through a collection that has a characteristic that is bold, structured and modern. Design theme is carried Nouveau Monochrome predominantly dark colors such as blue and black to inspire Indonesian women that dare to be different in the style of dress. THE EXECUTIVE Ramadan 2016 Collaboration offered at prices ranging from Rp 599 900, -.

THE EXECUTIVE collaboration with Hannie Hananto

THE EXECUTIVE collaboration with Restu Anggraini

For THE EXECUTIVE Ramadhan 2016 Collection available prices ranging from Rp 329 900, - and can be found in all stores and counters in department stores THE EXECUTIVE throughout Indonesia in June 2016. The series of THE EXECUTIVE Ramadan Collection 2016 can be worn for formal events and meet colleagues in the atmosphere of Ramadan.

So, for all of you guys looking for a fashionable ramadhan look, maybe THE EXECUTIVE can be your choice.


Monday, June 6, 2016

A Color of Peacock!

It's been a while since my last blog post, i miss you guys so so bad..
Well, i've been so caught up with this and that, so i wasn't able to write in quite a while.
Anyway, finally i'm able to write something new in my blog..

As you guys know since i post it on my instagram that I'd change my hair color again (Wohoo!)
it's been 2 months since my last hair color with Lie Kuang Salon  and this new hair color is really excite me and i would LOVE to show you guys the complete photo of my hair color,
I hope it can inspire you in someways or maybe an option for you who wants to color your hair with some crazy color ^^

Excuse the messy hair braid (LOL)

Inspired by Peacock color tones, this time Lie Kuang Salon  give me strike of teal, blue and violet.
I feel so much like an anime character ^o^
What do you guys think?
Does this color suit me and which one you like better, this color or the silver one?