Saturday, May 7, 2016

The Hairport: Gentleman Quarters

Talking about style needs, when it comes to men and fashion, everyone must be agree with me that haircut is playing a big part in how a men's image is built, and choosing the right barbershop for your beloved one is ind of a challenge here in Semarang.

As the industry of beauty and services are going wild in Semarang, so many new salon and barbershop are developed, but never really suited my hubby, or at least that's what i think so. 
The most recent and hippest one is called The Hairport.
Sounds cool right?

Located in the downtown, specifically at Anggrek 6 / 25, this new barbershop offering a professional haircut services for men.
Since the professional barbers are selected and chosen personally by the owner, which is happened to be my friend, The Hairport claimed that the client will have the haircut that suitable to their hair type and character and not just solely undercut.

The Hairport

The washtub is on every seat! how cute

Their pricelist and services offered
Later on that day i got the chance to go there with my brother and hubby to accompanied them having their hair cut.

My brother got his hair cut

The Hairport also sell hair clays and pomades for your hair needs.

Surrounded in industrial interior, that looks so chic and stylish, yet still feels homey.
 And i can say I'm pretty amazed by the result, nice result in cutting and styling with just 30k IDR.
Definitely a regular barbershop material, and i think we'll go back here for the next haircut for sure!
Anyway, with that professional services, you can enjoy a 20k cut until May 9th!

Are you struggling finding your barbers like my hubby? Or just want to try new barbers that might suited you better, just come to The Hairport.

posing with the owner, Mr. Aloy

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