Wednesday, April 13, 2016

THE EXECUTIVE: Reivented Black & White

I always love black and white.
Do you?

Black and white is always my color, they are so timeless and eternal, and never fail to make me look sophisticated and elegant.
This time, The Executive brings back these colors with some twist on the design featuring the silhouette of a minimalist design lines, monochromatic feel of a classic but still with a modern twist.

The Executive always known for their specialties in basic to formal attire that is never fail to flattered us. In this latest collection, on women's wear The Executive brought us the dress on the first option with a variety of types such as structured dress and a dress shirt.  

In addition, there is also a selection of other clothing in the collection Reinvented Black and White like a blouse, shirt, ankle pants, biker pants, flares cullote, and jumpsuit that can be combined according to your taste

As on Man's wear, The Executive present their collection to urban men who need a modern style in everyday work. More diverse options with their new motif that is grid prints that look modern but still simple. 

Not to forget also to other options such as suits, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweaters and pants that will further support your appearance.

Not to forget, The Executive Reinvented Collection Black and White comes with a special promo price ranging from Rp.229.900, - in all boutiques on April 8 to 28, 2016. Never get bored to inovate with Reinvented Black and White!

It's a really nice to see their newest collection as they're my favorite men's wear brand ever! 
(I'm not really into formal attire, so i don't have that much clothes in this brand, but my Hubby has a lottt of them, like almost every piece of his clothes is The Executive!)
Personally i think The Executive always have that stylish office semi formal to formal look that is so affordable and really nice.

You guys should check them out!

Agnes Yi

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