Saturday, April 9, 2016

Pro-Fiber Treatment by Lie Kuang Salon

Have you heard about Pro-Fiber Treatment from L'OREAL?
The first time i heard it is from Mr. Lie Kuang the other day when We were doing my hair color change, and as soon i heard about the reparation effect I instantly interested to give it a try.

I have to admit, since 2 years ago when i bleached my hair so pale to the point of almost white, I haven't get my healthy hair back.
My hair is always feel so dry and not as shiny and manageable as it was before, although my hair is not really a smooth and shiny type, but still, it looks duller and not healthy.

 For you who haven't seen my story about getting this treatment, please go to my instagram account to read my story and pictures about the treatment proccess, drying proccess, and the result and home treatment.

So, basically pro-fiber with its APTYL 100 molecular complex will treat and repair your hair shaft multiple times better and more fully than any other treatment out there, and can last up to 6 weeks if it followed by the home treatments. You will get a better looking, better texture and healthier hair in just 1 treatment per 6 weeks, who doesn't want that right??

First of all the hair stylist will examine your hair to determine which level of treatment to be used on your hair.

The treatment itself is only takes up to 1,5 hours including the blow drying process, so quick and never waste anymore time for busy people like you!
First, after they wash your hair, they put on the suitable concentrate for your hair, and then cover it up with the APTYL 100 activator for a long lasting result.
After about 5-10 minutes the hair is rinsed, hair serum is being applied and then got blow dried.
So simple and quick right?

For that super simple treatment, i can say the result is super beyond my expectation.
Even now after i washed my hair i can still feel the smoothness and shine.

Don't forget to use the complete treatment series at home for lasting result!
This is the usage guide of the home treatment:
1. Wash your hair with the shampoo.
2. Apply hair masque and leave in for 5 minutes, then rinse.
3. Apply conditioner, then rinse.
4. Use hair serum before drying and or styling the hair.
Apply re-charge serum every 4th hair wash in exchange of hair mask and conditioner.

The cimplete series of my treatment (level 3)

Reconstruct Shampoo
Reconstruct Conditioner
Reconstruct Masque
Re-boost Serum

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I'm super happy with my hair now, and will definitely come back after 6 weeks for another pro-fiber treatment!
I recommend this treatment for you guys who colored and or bleached your hair like me, or just having dull and brittle damaged hair.

Thank you for Mr. Lie Kuang and his team who introduced me and let me try this treatment, and also thank you for the home treatment gift.

Agnes Yi

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