Friday, April 1, 2016

Mila Wijaya Did My Make-Up

FINALLY! That's the exact word to describe my feeling that day.
I've seen Mila's work for everrr, but never had the chance to be "painted" by her.
So i really excited this time!

I started off with super messy half dried hair, and super freakin ugly no makeup face, so i better not showing it to you guys.. LOL 

Ohh... and she has so many tools and make-up products that maybe more than half of them i don't know what is that for and how to use it.
Real make-up artist.

If i have to describe her in one sentence maybe i would say: Real Pro, she really know what she's doing and how to do it and why she have to. Her work is so delicate yet so flawless.

To be honest i never felt THIS pretty in make-up. I mean, even when I'm in anybody's make-up.

Natural is her signature of work. She has the principal that make-up should just enhance our natural and real beauty, not putting too much on our face which make it too unnatural or change our original feature.

She also put all of her idealism on her beauty magazine called Utterly Me that already launch their second issue, you can pre-order it through their instagram account. You will be amazed. It's the best local magazine you'll ever find.

Make up : Mila wijaya
Crop Outter Wear : David Yan 

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