Saturday, April 9, 2016

Met Duck Restaurant: The Grand Opening

This afternoon, Me and My Husband were invited to the grand opening of a new hip restaurant at the Paragon Mall Semarang called Met Duck.
We are so excited, because we love their food and even from the first soft opening we are already a regular there. LOL.

Look at the hairy logo! Thoughtful!
Aww.. so cute

Decorated by beautiful table setting, we were sitting in the middle of the room, on the same table with our friends.
They're already place my name there so i can locate my seat right away.
 I really love the interior design, how they're placed everything, and use every decorating elements, they're just so cool.

Beautiful lamp inside the duck cage (?)
LOL Look at the duckalisa painting.

Do you believe it's actually egg boxes?
With so many duck decorating elements, we were accompanied by a jazzy live music that liven up the event. They brought romantic songs beautifully, and it happened to be raining outside, so, yeah, it's romance overload.

Moscato sparkling wine is served
Oopss.. not enough we'll just stand up
Sipping on our sparkling wine and cheers to the success of the restaurant while we were waiting for our foods to come.
Actually I'm not an alcohol person, not really like it but i can drink it if its just a bit.
We're allowed to order our own choice of main dish menu, drink, and dessert, which is confused me quite a while because they have so manyyyyy good food, like i've said before.

Hubby was ordering a fillet mignon for main course, and i was ordering salmon and greens. 
And for the dessert He prefer panacotta and I'd rather eat some milo mille crepes.

The fillet mignon was FANTASTIC with all capital letter, cause it was really good.
The salmon is always so good because i usually buy them too, and by the way, they serves really good mash potato too.

And there're no doubts about the dessert right?
Definitely ad good as it looks.

I was so full but i finished everything, yeah like, I ain't gonna leave anything on my plate! Hell no!

You guys should try these menus, or any other menu you like because either one they're all so good so, whatever. hahahaha...
 Met Duck is located right in front of the lift at Ground Floor, if you can't find it, which is almost impossible due to its cute decoration. LOL

Thank you so much Met Duck for having me invited, and thank you Mr. Edo as the event organizer.
I really enjoy my lunch and having fun there.
I hope for the best future of the business and any other business you owned. 

Agnes Yi
 For details on my outfit please go here.

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