Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kiara Birthday Attire

So... After Kiara'birthday celebration at her school, we headed to All Stay Hotel for a quick lunch and photo session with our little family.
Since Bramanta Wijaya made our dresses, so we have to take some picture for sure!

Kiara and Kesha wear the exact same design, a simple satin+lace combined with tulle and purple bow-belt made a really cute-yet-elegant simple party dress look for kids.

 Kiara look so excited for the shoot!

 Kesha also strike some poses.

They're really love the dress and how flowy it is, so they were keep spinning and spinning and never stop.

The bow-belt suppose to be used on the back side but they insist to wear them at the front, errr...

We only got this one lucky shoot for our family portrait, the other was a disaster since the nanny take the picture, like, seriously we need to hire someone.
(please comment bellow or contact me if you are willing to or know someone)

Hubby is wearing shirt from LetitB's latest collection called "LALIN"

 My dress is from Bramanta Wijaya's latest collection for Miss Indonesia 2016 Finalists.
A sheer lace crop-top with accent on the cape-like back, and sarong drapery skirt in batik kawung pattern.
I feel like too feminine in this outfit, hahahaha...


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