Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kiara 4th Birthday

2 April is the exact date of my youngest baby Kiara's birthday, but it happens to be Saturday so we have to celebrate the birthday on Monday.
Kiara always wants to celebrate her birthday at school with her friends like her friends does too.

This year, Kiara wants to be princess Sofia!
Well, after Marsha and the bear, and the whole frozen fever, finally she choose something other than frozen. *fiuh*
For this year, uncle Bramanta Wijaya made the dress specially for Kiara. *YAY* 
Thank you so much, Uncle!

We share Kiara's happiness with singing together and praying for her luck and blessings throughout the year, and finally we give out some cakes and souvenirs to her friends and teachers.

We take some family portrait too, unfortunately two of my sisters and their husband and kids couldn't attend the event, so there're only my family, my mom, my brother and my sister's sons.
(My dad is not really interestend to this kind of event so he prefer to sleep at home *LOL*)

After that, we had a small family lunch at All Stay Hotel which is one of our favorite place to eat, you can view my review about the food here.
Andddd... we also had some short photoshoot with our amazing dresses from uncle Bramanta Wijaya.
You can see the full article about Kiara birthday attire here.


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