Monday, April 4, 2016

Hair Color Change: Gun 'n Roses by Lie Kuang Salon

Hey, Guys!
It's me again..

Yesterday i had the chance to get my hair colored by one of our best salon in town, Lie Kuang Salon, owned by Mr. Lie Kuang.

I was so shocked yet so thrilled when Ms. Atik, the art director of the salon contacting me via whatsapp and offering to color my hair, like, "Hell sure i want!" LOL

 Here is our hair colorist for today, Mr. Hanche, is a well-known hair colorist who work for Lie Kuang Salon since forever.

Mr. Lie said he wants to try the new hair color inspired by Guy Tang, and make my hair silvery blue to rose pink gradation, he showed me the reference and i am so excited!

Mr. Lie Kuang observing every process and directing.

So we were start the coloring process at 11am.
The process takes about 5 hours, and we finished at 4.30pm after 2 color-wash process and 1 treatment.

Voila! This is the result!
I'm so glad, it turns out really pretty.
They call it "Gun 'n Roses" due to the silver-rose tone.
Thank you so much Mr. Lie Kuang, will looking forward to our next project!

Dress : Feodora Label 
Shoes : Portrait Shoes

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