Saturday, April 30, 2016

WOOD : Spring Summer Collection for The Urban Gentlemen

WOOD --brand male fashion of Delamibrands-- re-issued their latest Spring Summer collection entitled "Spring Getaway".  
Still inspired by the style of "traveling", a collection for Spring Summer 2016 is available in all WOOD stores starting in March 2016.

WOOD present the materials that are lighter like linen and fine cotton, with shades of tone down colors such as china blue, khaki, near white, and red persimmon. This makes the collection "Spring Getaway" be a fitting choice for all occasions, ranging from office wear, after office, to accompany you on weekends.

  For accessories, WOOD complement the overall selection of his latest collection with belt and linen tie. Canvas bag also be the right choice to be combined with wrinkled shirts, shorts, or printed fabrics that distinguish this new collection with WOOD previous collections.

This concept is also can be seen in the interior, stores are designed with a rustic yet modern nuances. For the price, the collection of shirts and pants priced at a price range of 349,000, - IDR to Rp 449 000, - IDR, while for jackets, suits and blazers revolves around the price of Rp 889 000,- IDR up to 1.229.000, - IDR.

What are you waiting for? Just visit WOOD stores to get a choice of styles that really represents you personally.

Agnes Yi 

Wednesday, April 13, 2016

THE EXECUTIVE: Reivented Black & White

I always love black and white.
Do you?

Black and white is always my color, they are so timeless and eternal, and never fail to make me look sophisticated and elegant.
This time, The Executive brings back these colors with some twist on the design featuring the silhouette of a minimalist design lines, monochromatic feel of a classic but still with a modern twist.

The Executive always known for their specialties in basic to formal attire that is never fail to flattered us. In this latest collection, on women's wear The Executive brought us the dress on the first option with a variety of types such as structured dress and a dress shirt.  

In addition, there is also a selection of other clothing in the collection Reinvented Black and White like a blouse, shirt, ankle pants, biker pants, flares cullote, and jumpsuit that can be combined according to your taste

As on Man's wear, The Executive present their collection to urban men who need a modern style in everyday work. More diverse options with their new motif that is grid prints that look modern but still simple. 

Not to forget also to other options such as suits, short sleeve shirts, long sleeve shirts, sweaters and pants that will further support your appearance.

Not to forget, The Executive Reinvented Collection Black and White comes with a special promo price ranging from Rp.229.900, - in all boutiques on April 8 to 28, 2016. Never get bored to inovate with Reinvented Black and White!

It's a really nice to see their newest collection as they're my favorite men's wear brand ever! 
(I'm not really into formal attire, so i don't have that much clothes in this brand, but my Hubby has a lottt of them, like almost every piece of his clothes is The Executive!)
Personally i think The Executive always have that stylish office semi formal to formal look that is so affordable and really nice.

You guys should check them out!

Agnes Yi

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Met Duck Restaurant: The Grand Opening Wardrobe

My outfit for Met Duck Grand Opening Lunch today is dominated in white and black,
which the theme for the event at the moment is "Beautiful in White".

I was wearing this futuristic look for the event.
A white long coat with high neckline, black acrylic necklace, laser cut handpieces, shorts and a black clutch.

I really love the look that is so me and edgy, and gosh i can't stop loving the handpieces.

Coat and Handpieces: YU.AR 
  Necklace: KLAR
Clutch: Braun Buffel
Shoes: Charles and Keith 

Thank you to Risty Ekantina as the owner of YU.AR for this beautiful edgy coat and handpieces.

Agnes Yi

Met Duck Restaurant: The Grand Opening

This afternoon, Me and My Husband were invited to the grand opening of a new hip restaurant at the Paragon Mall Semarang called Met Duck.
We are so excited, because we love their food and even from the first soft opening we are already a regular there. LOL.

Look at the hairy logo! Thoughtful!
Aww.. so cute

Decorated by beautiful table setting, we were sitting in the middle of the room, on the same table with our friends.
They're already place my name there so i can locate my seat right away.
 I really love the interior design, how they're placed everything, and use every decorating elements, they're just so cool.

Beautiful lamp inside the duck cage (?)
LOL Look at the duckalisa painting.

Do you believe it's actually egg boxes?
With so many duck decorating elements, we were accompanied by a jazzy live music that liven up the event. They brought romantic songs beautifully, and it happened to be raining outside, so, yeah, it's romance overload.

Moscato sparkling wine is served
Oopss.. not enough we'll just stand up
Sipping on our sparkling wine and cheers to the success of the restaurant while we were waiting for our foods to come.
Actually I'm not an alcohol person, not really like it but i can drink it if its just a bit.
We're allowed to order our own choice of main dish menu, drink, and dessert, which is confused me quite a while because they have so manyyyyy good food, like i've said before.

Hubby was ordering a fillet mignon for main course, and i was ordering salmon and greens. 
And for the dessert He prefer panacotta and I'd rather eat some milo mille crepes.

The fillet mignon was FANTASTIC with all capital letter, cause it was really good.
The salmon is always so good because i usually buy them too, and by the way, they serves really good mash potato too.

And there're no doubts about the dessert right?
Definitely ad good as it looks.

I was so full but i finished everything, yeah like, I ain't gonna leave anything on my plate! Hell no!

You guys should try these menus, or any other menu you like because either one they're all so good so, whatever. hahahaha...
 Met Duck is located right in front of the lift at Ground Floor, if you can't find it, which is almost impossible due to its cute decoration. LOL

Thank you so much Met Duck for having me invited, and thank you Mr. Edo as the event organizer.
I really enjoy my lunch and having fun there.
I hope for the best future of the business and any other business you owned. 

Agnes Yi
 For details on my outfit please go here.

Pro-Fiber Treatment by Lie Kuang Salon

Have you heard about Pro-Fiber Treatment from L'OREAL?
The first time i heard it is from Mr. Lie Kuang the other day when We were doing my hair color change, and as soon i heard about the reparation effect I instantly interested to give it a try.

I have to admit, since 2 years ago when i bleached my hair so pale to the point of almost white, I haven't get my healthy hair back.
My hair is always feel so dry and not as shiny and manageable as it was before, although my hair is not really a smooth and shiny type, but still, it looks duller and not healthy.

 For you who haven't seen my story about getting this treatment, please go to my instagram account to read my story and pictures about the treatment proccess, drying proccess, and the result and home treatment.

So, basically pro-fiber with its APTYL 100 molecular complex will treat and repair your hair shaft multiple times better and more fully than any other treatment out there, and can last up to 6 weeks if it followed by the home treatments. You will get a better looking, better texture and healthier hair in just 1 treatment per 6 weeks, who doesn't want that right??

First of all the hair stylist will examine your hair to determine which level of treatment to be used on your hair.

The treatment itself is only takes up to 1,5 hours including the blow drying process, so quick and never waste anymore time for busy people like you!
First, after they wash your hair, they put on the suitable concentrate for your hair, and then cover it up with the APTYL 100 activator for a long lasting result.
After about 5-10 minutes the hair is rinsed, hair serum is being applied and then got blow dried.
So simple and quick right?

For that super simple treatment, i can say the result is super beyond my expectation.
Even now after i washed my hair i can still feel the smoothness and shine.

Don't forget to use the complete treatment series at home for lasting result!
This is the usage guide of the home treatment:
1. Wash your hair with the shampoo.
2. Apply hair masque and leave in for 5 minutes, then rinse.
3. Apply conditioner, then rinse.
4. Use hair serum before drying and or styling the hair.
Apply re-charge serum every 4th hair wash in exchange of hair mask and conditioner.

The cimplete series of my treatment (level 3)

Reconstruct Shampoo
Reconstruct Conditioner
Reconstruct Masque
Re-boost Serum

* Photo courtesy of please copyright if respost* 

I'm super happy with my hair now, and will definitely come back after 6 weeks for another pro-fiber treatment!
I recommend this treatment for you guys who colored and or bleached your hair like me, or just having dull and brittle damaged hair.

Thank you for Mr. Lie Kuang and his team who introduced me and let me try this treatment, and also thank you for the home treatment gift.

Agnes Yi

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Kiara Birthday Attire

So... After Kiara'birthday celebration at her school, we headed to All Stay Hotel for a quick lunch and photo session with our little family.
Since Bramanta Wijaya made our dresses, so we have to take some picture for sure!

Kiara and Kesha wear the exact same design, a simple satin+lace combined with tulle and purple bow-belt made a really cute-yet-elegant simple party dress look for kids.

 Kiara look so excited for the shoot!

 Kesha also strike some poses.

They're really love the dress and how flowy it is, so they were keep spinning and spinning and never stop.

The bow-belt suppose to be used on the back side but they insist to wear them at the front, errr...

We only got this one lucky shoot for our family portrait, the other was a disaster since the nanny take the picture, like, seriously we need to hire someone.
(please comment bellow or contact me if you are willing to or know someone)

Hubby is wearing shirt from LetitB's latest collection called "LALIN"

 My dress is from Bramanta Wijaya's latest collection for Miss Indonesia 2016 Finalists.
A sheer lace crop-top with accent on the cape-like back, and sarong drapery skirt in batik kawung pattern.
I feel like too feminine in this outfit, hahahaha...


Kiara 4th Birthday

2 April is the exact date of my youngest baby Kiara's birthday, but it happens to be Saturday so we have to celebrate the birthday on Monday.
Kiara always wants to celebrate her birthday at school with her friends like her friends does too.

This year, Kiara wants to be princess Sofia!
Well, after Marsha and the bear, and the whole frozen fever, finally she choose something other than frozen. *fiuh*
For this year, uncle Bramanta Wijaya made the dress specially for Kiara. *YAY* 
Thank you so much, Uncle!

We share Kiara's happiness with singing together and praying for her luck and blessings throughout the year, and finally we give out some cakes and souvenirs to her friends and teachers.

We take some family portrait too, unfortunately two of my sisters and their husband and kids couldn't attend the event, so there're only my family, my mom, my brother and my sister's sons.
(My dad is not really interestend to this kind of event so he prefer to sleep at home *LOL*)

After that, we had a small family lunch at All Stay Hotel which is one of our favorite place to eat, you can view my review about the food here.
Andddd... we also had some short photoshoot with our amazing dresses from uncle Bramanta Wijaya.
You can see the full article about Kiara birthday attire here.