Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Executive at Indonesia Fashion Week 2016

As one of the countries with the largest moslem population in the world is often a pioneer of international moslem fashion trends today. Each year, an Indonesian moslem fashion world is growing with the birth of new talented designers. Indonesia Fashion Week is one of the event the moslem designers to exhibit his work in Indonesia and internationally.
For the third time THE EXECUTIVE as a leading fashion labels from Indonesia, participated in Indonesia Fashion Week 2016.

The event was held on March 11, 2016 was conducted in order to advance the national garment industry is also the Indonesian fashion designers.Located at JCC Senayan, Jakarta, THE EXECUTIVE successfully collaborating with two prominent moslem designers in Indonesia at the Indonesia Fashion Week 2016 to launch a collaboration Eid Collection 2016 that will be available in 17 particular THE EXECUTIVE stores during Ramadan 2016.

 Restu Anggraini's collaboration with THE EXECUTIVE is called Workwear Refresh. This young designer who has been participating in London Fashion Week International Fashion Case 2016 adapting her designs from natural colors. The combination of preppy style but still stylish and elegant wirh minimalist pieces concept. Restu Anggraini collaboration with THE EXECUTIVE want to give freedom to young women dressed in formal but can be freely express themselves under the modern style, making it suitable for the collection of Hari Raya and wear to work everyday.

Nouveau Monochrome, is a theme that was taken for the collection of THE EXECUTIVE collaboration with Hannie Hananto. Hannie Hananto wanted to prove to the women out there to dare to be different in the style of dress. Design of the clothes always caught the attention of connoisseurs of fashion through a collection that has a firm, simple characteristic and predominantly using the dark color but still having modern look that also is one of the trends of spring / summer 2016.

 Moslem wear fashion industry is really improving these days, with the globalization of moslem wear and its evolution to make a "modern yet proper" moslem clothing, many major brands all over the world is competing to make more and more choice for this new big market.

Me, as a fashion lover, really proud of the Indonesian moslem wear designers, and often fall in love with their creation and ended up buying the pieces. (LOL)
I found out that the layering and design of some moslem wear clothing are sooo brilliant and fun.

I hope with one of the major brand like THE EXECUTIVE keep launching moslem wear collection, the moslem wear fashion industry will improve more and more.

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