Friday, March 11, 2016

Photoshoot with Miss Indonesia 2016 Finalists

I got a chance to photograph these two lovely ladies on Bramanta Wijaya's Dresses for his Miss Indonesia 2016 dresses look-book.
He happened to be chosen as one of the lucky designer for Miss Indonesia 2016 34 finalists' opening dress, and i can't be more excited because i know them since a few years ago as they're a veteran models in Semarang.
Thank you for today flawless make-up by LK Salon specially for Ms. Atiek and Ms. Pipit really appreciate it.

Shabira Maharani known as Sasa, as representative of Central Java.

Kidung Paramadita  as representative of Lampung.

Since they're considered as top models in Semarang and we've been working together since a few years ago, i was so excited to meet them at the dress fitting for Miss Indonesia 2016 back then.
And i couldn't be more proud of them for being in the top 15, and Kidung as 3rd runner up of Miss Indonesia 2016.

They said that the quarantine was so life changing, they been taught how to behave in public and how to speak in public, they also got the lesson about manner and attitude beside the basic lesson and knowledge about so many things.

Above all they said Miss Indonesia is once in a life time experience and such a precious learning process for them.