Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mouthgasm break fasting at Bystro by All-stay Hotel Semarang

It's 2pm already, and i haven't eat anything for my breakfast today, so i decided to go to Bystro, located at All-stay Hotel at Veteran St. Semarang since they serve really good food.
Well, as we know, the food director of this restaurant is a well-known chef of Eatalia a healthy food catering based at Semarang, Chef Donny Gunawan who happens to be my friend(boss)'s brother-in law.
He basically is known for his skill to cook so many good dishes, specially western and Italian, so, trust me, you should try his dish!

 At first i ordered Bangkok Spicy Salad, which is very fresh and tasty, with prawn pieces which is not my favorite but it's good so i just ate it.

But I'm still craving for more meal because i was so hungry, and i ordered their super famous wagyu steak with mashed potato in herbed butter sauce.

And as i espected, his cook is never disappoint me, and i ended up supper stuffy and full. LOL
You should try too, and all of this fancy dishes is not that expensive, the wagyu steak is only for IDR 120K++, it's not that pricey for the satisfying taste!

My personal favorite dish is this wagyu steak or the new-york striploin that is only for IDR 75K++

Drop by All-stay hotel at Veteran St. and the Bystro is located right next to the hotel lobby. 

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