Wednesday, March 30, 2016


Hey, Guys! I'm back again!
Today i wanna show you my recent favorite outter wear called "ZERO" from capsule collection 2015 BAMBAATAA EXTENDED by Danjyo Hiyoji.

 I always love Danjyo Hiyoji's collections since first time i know it, their collections are super edgy and fun specially this time, they put on a bit playful color to it.
The tribal pattern and all the colors are just too cute not to buy! Plus, i have a thing for outter wear, thats why i choose this one. LOL

The asymmetric side is just too genius, i love the idea of combining asymmetrical look on the side, and drapping on the sleeve, andddd also a cut out back, they're just too genius.

Anyway, if you find out that you are in love with their collection like i do, you can always find them at District 27, Lenmarc Mall Surabaya, Goods Dept., and Central Department Store Grand Indonesia.

Photographer | Dicky Larson 

Saturday, March 26, 2016

Mouthgasm break fasting at Bystro by All-stay Hotel Semarang

It's 2pm already, and i haven't eat anything for my breakfast today, so i decided to go to Bystro, located at All-stay Hotel at Veteran St. Semarang since they serve really good food.
Well, as we know, the food director of this restaurant is a well-known chef of Eatalia a healthy food catering based at Semarang, Chef Donny Gunawan who happens to be my friend(boss)'s brother-in law.
He basically is known for his skill to cook so many good dishes, specially western and Italian, so, trust me, you should try his dish!

 At first i ordered Bangkok Spicy Salad, which is very fresh and tasty, with prawn pieces which is not my favorite but it's good so i just ate it.

But I'm still craving for more meal because i was so hungry, and i ordered their super famous wagyu steak with mashed potato in herbed butter sauce.

And as i espected, his cook is never disappoint me, and i ended up supper stuffy and full. LOL
You should try too, and all of this fancy dishes is not that expensive, the wagyu steak is only for IDR 120K++, it's not that pricey for the satisfying taste!

My personal favorite dish is this wagyu steak or the new-york striploin that is only for IDR 75K++

Drop by All-stay hotel at Veteran St. and the Bystro is located right next to the hotel lobby. 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Executive at Indonesia Fashion Week 2016

As one of the countries with the largest moslem population in the world is often a pioneer of international moslem fashion trends today. Each year, an Indonesian moslem fashion world is growing with the birth of new talented designers. Indonesia Fashion Week is one of the event the moslem designers to exhibit his work in Indonesia and internationally.
For the third time THE EXECUTIVE as a leading fashion labels from Indonesia, participated in Indonesia Fashion Week 2016.

The event was held on March 11, 2016 was conducted in order to advance the national garment industry is also the Indonesian fashion designers.Located at JCC Senayan, Jakarta, THE EXECUTIVE successfully collaborating with two prominent moslem designers in Indonesia at the Indonesia Fashion Week 2016 to launch a collaboration Eid Collection 2016 that will be available in 17 particular THE EXECUTIVE stores during Ramadan 2016.

 Restu Anggraini's collaboration with THE EXECUTIVE is called Workwear Refresh. This young designer who has been participating in London Fashion Week International Fashion Case 2016 adapting her designs from natural colors. The combination of preppy style but still stylish and elegant wirh minimalist pieces concept. Restu Anggraini collaboration with THE EXECUTIVE want to give freedom to young women dressed in formal but can be freely express themselves under the modern style, making it suitable for the collection of Hari Raya and wear to work everyday.

Nouveau Monochrome, is a theme that was taken for the collection of THE EXECUTIVE collaboration with Hannie Hananto. Hannie Hananto wanted to prove to the women out there to dare to be different in the style of dress. Design of the clothes always caught the attention of connoisseurs of fashion through a collection that has a firm, simple characteristic and predominantly using the dark color but still having modern look that also is one of the trends of spring / summer 2016.

 Moslem wear fashion industry is really improving these days, with the globalization of moslem wear and its evolution to make a "modern yet proper" moslem clothing, many major brands all over the world is competing to make more and more choice for this new big market.

Me, as a fashion lover, really proud of the Indonesian moslem wear designers, and often fall in love with their creation and ended up buying the pieces. (LOL)
I found out that the layering and design of some moslem wear clothing are sooo brilliant and fun.

I hope with one of the major brand like THE EXECUTIVE keep launching moslem wear collection, the moslem wear fashion industry will improve more and more.

Friday, March 11, 2016

WOOD opens up a new boutique in town!

WOOD is once again present in the city of Semarang. Once present in
Mal Ciputra Semarang, this time WOOD newest boutique opened in Paragon City Mall
Semarang. WOOD has been present in eight major cities and has 25 boutiques across

With the latest store concept, WOOD present to meet the needs of
men's urban apparel. Collection of suits and blazers (men's wear), as well as apparels which
supports the complete appearance of the men offered by WOOD.

   Masculine clothing and mature vibe as well as a wide collection of apparels that
predominantly earth tones such as khaki, brown, beige, orange, warm red, navy
blue, and olive offered to complete the look of the urban man with
best quality fabric material of WOOD.
Me personally, really love the mood on this store and all of the clothes and accs are so nice and earthy.

About WOOD

ready to wear clothing line. Established since 1979, the main market of WOOD is active, well educated, well traveler, or a family men, a young but still well dressed husband. Has a simple contemporary design lines,
edgy and upscale, supporting you to perform more optimally. WOOD collection
also comes with a convenient and adaptive material for you. Various collections
comes with a design twist pieces and edgy style that characterizes WOOD

Curious? Just pay a visit!
WOOD is located at the 1st floor of Paragon City Mall Semarang (near Haagen-dazs)
Psst... They having discounts on some items too!

Photoshoot with Miss Indonesia 2016 Finalists

I got a chance to photograph these two lovely ladies on Bramanta Wijaya's Dresses for his Miss Indonesia 2016 dresses look-book.
He happened to be chosen as one of the lucky designer for Miss Indonesia 2016 34 finalists' opening dress, and i can't be more excited because i know them since a few years ago as they're a veteran models in Semarang.
Thank you for today flawless make-up by LK Salon specially for Ms. Atiek and Ms. Pipit really appreciate it.

Shabira Maharani known as Sasa, as representative of Central Java.

Kidung Paramadita  as representative of Lampung.

Since they're considered as top models in Semarang and we've been working together since a few years ago, i was so excited to meet them at the dress fitting for Miss Indonesia 2016 back then.
And i couldn't be more proud of them for being in the top 15, and Kidung as 3rd runner up of Miss Indonesia 2016.

They said that the quarantine was so life changing, they been taught how to behave in public and how to speak in public, they also got the lesson about manner and attitude beside the basic lesson and knowledge about so many things.

Above all they said Miss Indonesia is once in a life time experience and such a precious learning process for them.

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Around The Old Town

While everybody getting so excited planning on seeing the full eclipse on Wednesday, i'm getting so excited to wandering around the old town.
Well, i'm not so interested in the eclipse thing, so on this working day off i decided to take a little walk around the old town just to do this photoshoot.

Today's look point is on my bag!
Really love the Holographic Candy Bag from Bubbletalk


Apparently, old town is still my main choice when it comes to photoshoot place, well, i still haven't find anywhere else with interesting building other than this place. LOL
(If you live in Semarang and know more info about interesting building or places to be my photoshoot location please reach me)

 Blazer Jacket: H&M
Cat Chiffon Tee: Openbox
Holographic bag: Bubbletalk
Shoes: H&M
Sunglasses: Bubbletalk 

Monday, March 7, 2016

Maharani The Musical

As one of the world's most important agenda in the party supply business in Central Java, Ikapesta Wedding Exhibition become a prestigious event to showcase a number of masterpieces of the top fashion designers in the city of Semarang. At the Ikapesta 2016 this year 3 fashion designer who joined IFC Chapter Semarang, namely: Bramanta Wijaya , Angela Chung & Devy Ros, create a fashion show collaboration that still leaves a visual memory till this day wrapped in shades of very strong musical results by Golden Event Organizer's idea.

 *) The main set of the musical

 Maharani The Musical itself is an adaptation of a true story of the country of bamboo curtain. Telling Orchid's trip, a forth grade concubine of the Qing Dynasty who successfully delivered the only heir to the throne of China and ultimately must lead the country from behind the stout walls of the Forbidden City.
Though the main concept of this show is a musical, but we will still be spoiled with
very strong high fashion shades, far from being 'costume'. Bramanta Wijaya , Angela Chung & Devy Ros are responsible for all clothing female actor; starting from the protagonist, ensemble up to dancers. While the designer Phillip Iswardono in charge of all male casts. Designer headpiece was also involved in the show this time; Handmade Pita by Felice Joi.

 *) Several scenes of the musical

Carrying the oriental theme does not make the designer's dresses trapped in the breath of a typical mainstream Chinese costume. Modern definition and depth to any character with a selection of colors to suit the mood of the story as a guide for any designers involved. In the first half, while telling Orchid is entering the Palace of the Forbidden City, Bramanta Wijaya featuring a series of white dress in loose pieces combined with a headpiece by Pita; shaped carvings typical of China but in shades of the same color, white.  

*) Casts, Dancers and Models in Bramanta Wijaya's

The story rolled up, Orchid, concubine of the fourth stage was crowned the queen because of the birth of the only heir to the throne. Angela Chung made an appearance to become more elegant Orchid with lace and applique pieces that highlight the beauty of a woman's curves, combined with hair ornaments by the shape of white orchids which complements the appearance of a glamour queen.

 Meanwhile, cloak in firm color design, Phillip Iswardono, reinforces the appearance of the soldiers and nobels of Forbidden City in this round.  

As the final round at Maharani The Musical, Devy Ros displays the dresses in shades of red with precision structures on body shape and distinctive headdress noblewoman Manchuria created by laser cutting techniques by Pita.
 *) Vyna Lee as Maharani singing her part of "heart breaking" scene
 *) Julian Zheng, acted as the Emperor of China sing his part on the show

One interesting thing of Maharani The Musical, at the sections where Orchid has told to become the Empress of the Forbidden City, three designers; Bramanta Wijaya, Angela Chung & Devy Ros together create a very fancy 'look' in the right proportions without leaving signature style of each designer.

Maharani The Musical performances involving nearly 100 young creative talent from the city of Semarang, such as; Vyna Lee as Maharani,
Julian Zheng as Emperor. Vita Mahaswari, Kezia Maya and Dance by Freedom Works.

*) A special singing performance by Bramanta Wijaya

 3 young designers joining this Semarang city in Maharani The Musical has proven that if we have an open perspective, the difference will not lead to conflict but will produce a work that is filled with love.  

 *) Mr. Edo Leonard from Golden EO

 *) The main casts of Maharani taking picture with Mr. Edo Leonard of Golden EO