Thursday, February 27, 2014

Me and My Tattoos

i adore art..
yes, i mean ANY ART
i love tattoos since i was a little girl..and i die to have one since then..
hahaha.. now i even have not just one but TWO
okay, now lets meet them and the story behind it..

Live The Life You Love <3
 i think we just live once, and at that time, i just live my life.. the way my life should be, in love..and full of love and happiness,seems like my days are brighter than ever and seems like i have an easy life and i love it so much..for the first time in my life im being ME, my true SELF and the best part of me. somehow its like a good-bad feelings altogether to live so selfishly and carelessly..but im happy.. and that was the happiest time of my whole life.. (18 april 2013)

After my Hubby did his first tattoo on his back, i started to get (more) obsessed with tattoos, i think tattoo is cool and hot and awesome.. Guy with tattoos looks so much hotter for me (lol).. So, i decided to make one too, and after a few considerations and thoughts i decided to get inked on my right back near my shoulder..

and about the tattoo itself, i want something small and unrecognizable for a beginner like me i think it should be a lil bit painless so i can adapt easily to finish it smoothly.. so i decided to make a writing instead of drawing, and i choose those words to represent me..

Lucky me, i have a friend that is a black and white tattoo specialist, he is a best friend of mine back on college years, he also the person behind my Hubby's..First time get inked, feeling quite nervous but it turned out really good, since the tattoo artist is a friend of mine, i dont feel overly nervous.. well, i trust him enough and i've been through so much worse when it comes to handling pain..and so we began the tattooing on April 18th 2013 i dont feel the pain at all, just a bit burning feeling but nothing should be worried, still can handle the pain, in fact i quite enjoy it.. the process was quite fast maybe just an hour or less..

after that i never think about having more tats..i just feel satisfied already with my previous..
but then something bad happened.. i need something to distract my mind from thinking about horrible things, something more hurtful and painful to feel..i was so down back then i cant even cry my tears out, i feel like its too much to handle, and not even thousands of tears can close the hole in my heart.. and my bad side is, i like to distracts.. ill distract my pain into something else that similiar to its pain so that it seems like ive overcome it..>.< (same thing happened when im broken heart too) 

then i made my second tattoo..
Rosary / Cross tattoo on wrist
because all the pain i put in Your hands were vanished, Lord only you can safe me and heal me..
It was my dark moment, my Grandpa pass away and all other problems in my life i cant even mention..i was screwed..
i did things, horrible things to kick the grieve away, i did another distraction into my sadness this time not only through tattoos, but i was also become a bad individual, a sinner. at that time i realized, that the only person u can count on is your God, and no man can be like him, no man can be believed. (6 and 17 August 2013) in memoriam of my beloved

This time the inking progress divided into 2 sections, the first one is to create the outline and the second one is to do the filling and shadows, anyway it still haven't finished yet because it still need the 3rd section which is the highlighting progress, but we have not find the right time to do the appointment because my friend is on his last year of college so he is quite busy n hard to meet.

anyway, the first section was well done and painless as always..
but.. the second section was a (literally) bloody section.. specially when it comes to did the filling on the back of my hand where there is less fat than other parts and also has the thinnest skin, so the pain and the needle was penetrating straightly to my bones. and there it was, my blood was dripping all over the place and even dirtied my friend's pillow and bolster *_* 
well it may not as scary as it sounds, but it is really not THAT painfull.. i mean, i still can finish it right? its more like a burning sensation all over my skin, but then again i still can handle it..

anyway i will upload the pics later, cos its so late and my internet connection is i cant upload it now..
but i promise will upload tomorrow..^^
see ya n good night^^

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