Thursday, February 6, 2014

(finally) Starting My Own Blog

Finally i started to make my own blog after a whole-life back and fort intention..

I'm not so fluent in term of English speaking nor writing (i did a pretty good job passively though), so you might find it difficult to understand what i mean, or even hurtful to your eyes due to so many mistakes on grammars, vocabs or tenses (lol)

I'm planning on writing something that looks like a fashion and beauty blog (i hope it does look like that instead of some random talk to myself) since i looooovvveeee clothes and makeups and there are tons of 'em on my dressing table, so many of them till i cant see myself on the mirror bcause it covered up with so many products
And i thought its such a waste if i just let them expired without wearing them, because in my daily life i rarely use a full face make up, mostly i just use light pressed powder and lip tint, or with eyeliner and mascara if i feel like it.
I will somehow put makeups or maybe even do some step by step tutorial, i hope it will goes smooth n turns out okay and proper for a blog..
anyway i will post some of my outfit too, although they're not pricey and not so branded as well, i just love to post them.. im sorry if they're too ugly..

i will upload some soon, i hope it turns out good and i hope i can take a good photograph as well..
since this is my first experience of writing a blog, please forgive me if there's so much lackness on my post, i just hope that my blog will help people..^^

I've been prepared for the worst though, in case no one read my blog then ill force my entire family to read it, at least someone is reading and I'm not just talking to myself n read them myself.. (how sad if it turns out that way)

please looking forward to my future posts^^


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