Tuesday, January 30, 2018

I Found My New Favorite Tea Flavor!

Finally, tea time lovers will be spoiled in 2018. We can now enjoy our tea with a cup of our favorite Gryphon Tea flavor at Verve Bistro & Coffee Bar.

I was invited to the afternoon tea event and was introduced to Gryphon Tea Company that will be presented in the future and can be enjoyed by tea lovers of Semarang at Verve Bistro & Coffee Bar. It was also combined with a mini workshop about brush lettering activities guided directly from the Semarang Coret community.

Who is Gryphon Tea Company?
For those of you who haven't heard about this particular artisan tea company, Gryphon Tea Company is a luxury brand of tea by LIM LAM THYE Company Singapore with more than 30 years business experience focusing on artisan tea development. From 12 variants owned by Gryphon Tea Company, 6 of them will available to order at the Verve Bistro & Coffee Bar which are; Con-tessa Grey, Marrakesh Mint, Osmanthus Senca, Nymph of The Nile, White Ginger Lily and Chamomile Dream. The six variants are a combination of white tea, green tea, black tea and non caffeine tea represented by Chamomile Dream variants.

My personal favorite: Marrakesh Mint, Nymph of The Nile, and Chamomile Dream.
But really, all of them are unique and refreshing. I'm usually more of a coffee person than a tea person, but i still drink tea occasionally, and this brand is definitely one of my fave!

The event, hosted directly by Lintang Kinasih as Corporate Creative Director of Verve Bistro & Coffee Bar along with Gryphon Tea Company Sales Representative for Indonesia Ms. Anggita explained about the uniqueness of the introduced tea variant. 

And i just knew that pairing of food and drink not only occurs for wine (and coffee), it turns out on tea can also be paired with various variants of food. As for example, Osmanthus Senca which would be perfectly suited to be paired with variants of Chinese pastries dessert, main dishes made from fish or poultry such as Grilled Salmon or Quail butter from the menu available at Verve Bistro & Coffee Bar.

Also mentioned about the venue of the event that chose to use the area of ​​Grab & Go, as one of the new event and co-working space in this city. In the future through Grab & Go, Verve Bistro & Coffee Bar will deliver community-based events and creative business ventures and more importantly these things can benefit and contribute to the environment in which this restaurant stands.

Brush lettering workshop by Semarang Coret Community
This event is absolute fun! I got new knowledge about tea, plus the brush lettering workshop really reminds me a lot of my college life. I hope i keep learning something new, while implementing this brush lettering to my contents, and of course, sipping Gryphon Tea while working on it.

Find your favorite flavor of Gryphone Tea at Verve Bistro & Coffee Bar, and maybe you will bump into me there sometimes.

Agnes Yi